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True Love

So recently there was a series of...six? episodes called True Love on the BBC. In the third Episode, 'Holly', Billie Piper plays a teacher who falls in love with one of her students, Kaya Scodelario. Scodelario is about 20, but plays 16 and looks maybe even 14. I have a question about the episode in regards to american and british(UK) perspectives.

The main conflict in the episode is that they're both girls and the students harass the teacher in the class in regards to this. In the end the teacher leaves the classroom and Scodelario's character catches up with Piper's and they go off holding hands and smiling. The episode portrays them both as equal, willing, and no manipulation involved with either party. There are brief mentions of it being disgusting from one student to Scodelario's character and another with Scodelario's character pretending to find it disgusting. But these are made to seem almost out of ignorance/hate and fear of reprisal/hate respectively.

So i'm curious, in America this would readily be seen as sick/wrong. A lot of people in general in the US would have problems with a same sex romantic relationship, but you could get a much larger consensus on a teacher having a sexual relationship with a minor student as much worse. It is not something I can see being made in the US on a major network, at least not without a lot of uproar.

I realize american television is by far more sexually repressed and prohibitive of sexual/romantic relationships(for example the US version of Skins got a lot of trouble and threatened legal action because two teenage girls kiss in one scene), but I believe in both britain(and other UK members) and america a teacher having sex with a 16 yearold student is illegal/considered highly immoral?

Not interested in saying one society is something while the other is something else. Or that the episode is an abomination, or to be hailed as genius. I'm interested in people's pespectives, particularly those who've lived for extended periods of time in either place and especially if you've watched the episode. Its not a big deal, just something that made me very curious. Is there a difference? Are 16 yearolds more mature/able to deal with adult sexual relationships in the UK as opposed to the US? Or is this episode a fluke or am I just missing something else?
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