Passport renewal

Hello everyone!

I need to renew my US passport and I have my old Indefinite Remain To Leave visa in it, which is fine; however, I also have a Biometric Remain To Leave visa (I got it this March) and I was wondering, can I just use that upon returning to the UK and not worry if the old visa is put in the new passport? I think so, but I need clarification!

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On Homesickness

It seems I only come back to LJ when I am in crisis; I wrote thispost this morning as I have had enough time and experience in London to recognize how out of place I feel most of the time, even though I have lived here for several years now. Just now I got a form rejection email from Oxfam, a place I have been a volunteer at for nearly 5 years - and I am seriously wondering if being a manager in their organization is just not going to happen, as I don't fit their idea of a manager somehow. The shop I applied for is a big one, the bookshop in Islington, and I can imagine they would want someone with tons of experience. But I applied for a much smaller shop and wasn't accepted for that either (though I did get an interview)...I must think about this carefully, as my book knowledge (which by now is extensive) is not something I want to just throw aside. But if Oxfam don't want me, who will?
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The Importance of Keeping Your Nose Clean as a Permanent Resident Alien

Ran into this article today on the UK Guardian site
It's a cautionary tale for green card holders like myself. Although it's possibly wasn't the best idea to cross back into the US from Mexico with someone who is carrying drug paraphernalia and a dissembled gun in their car, all while declaring yourself to be an American, if you aren't one. I can't help but think the article is also missing some rather crucial information about his 'ill fated' attempt to return to the US on a different passport and his other jail time.
I'm guessing this guy isn't going to be allowed back into the US any time soon, wouldn't Andy Burnham have a better chance of getting his family to the UK instead? Still looks like he's done ok out of the NHS with new hearing aids and his op. I do feel sorry for his poor child though.
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Yeah I'm the Taxman, and you're working for no one but me.

Hello Brits & Americans. I'm a US expat and I've been in Scotland for the past decade. I was under the impression that because there was tax reciprocity (didn't realize it only went one-way; argh, America) and because I earn jack squat I'm well under the threshhold where you need to pay anything. But I forgot that not needing to pay anything isn't equal to not needing to file, so now I've got ten years' worth of back taxes. Oh, joy.

I've looked through past posts on the subject and they were all pretty much what I'm going to ask here: where do I start? Is there anyone I can hire to help me figure this out, and if so, who? My dad told me to find someone who specializes in this sort of thing, but I imagine they're all used to dealing with people who make rather a lot of money as opposed to working part-time in a library.

But really, where do I start? I've never filed taxes before, my dad did them when I was living in the States and my husband does them for both of us here. I don't even know where to begin. Any advice at all would be helpful, or any stories anyone has about their own experiences with this.


Is there a facebook equivalent to this group? I feel like that's what all the kids are using these days.

I'm looking into moving back to England for good. It may take several years of going back and forth to renew visas, but when I compare my life there and my life here, life there seems like something I would enjoy more for the long term. There are things about the overall feel of my town here, trying to be all artsy and hippie fabulous, and willingness to do ridiculous things for causes (it's like Red Nose Day all the time here) but in terms of day to day life as a single person, I feel like I was able to keep myself occupied more in England, and had opportunities that are a lot more difficult to achieve on my own here.
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(no subject)

So my UK visa finally came through! I'll be working on my master's degree in London starting in September.
Of course now I have to start thinking about packing and getting all of my finances in order, which brings me to a few questions:
1. How did you choose which bank you wanted to open your checking account with (they're called current accounts in the uk, right)?
2. How common is it for places (especially ATMs) to accept credit cards that have the strip instead of the chip? I know I need to get a chip card eventually, but unless I can get a bank account before I move (and thus get a debit card) I might not have access to one for a few weeks.
3. Does anyone know of any sources other than Gumtree that are good for finding flats? I know I'm going to need to have flatmates, and I'd rather not go through a realtor if at all possible.
4. What are foods that you miss now that you're living on the other side of the pond?
5. What do you wish you had known or had done before you moved?

This will actually be my second time moving to London (I spent nine months there in university about five years ago), but this time it's for a much longer period and I don't have the safety net of a study abroad organization to help me through it, so I'm extra glad for any help you wonderful folks can offer!


Could someone recommend a good website for UK tv show premieres? The ones I find through google, possibly due to me being in the US, are mostly about when US shows are premiering.
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Working Options

Hi all, I recently started a new position where I work from home... since I can log in anywhere I feel like, an idea popped up that perhaps I could move abroad and work. I remember that England had something on the books about not being allowed to work independently, but technically I'd be telecommuting back to the US. Does anyone have experience with this? I haven't done much research since I just had this bright idea a short time ago. Plus, I much prefer to hear personal experience stories to reading laws.