agincourtgirl (agincourtgirl) wrote in brits_americans,

On Homesickness

It seems I only come back to LJ when I am in crisis; I wrote thispost this morning as I have had enough time and experience in London to recognize how out of place I feel most of the time, even though I have lived here for several years now. Just now I got a form rejection email from Oxfam, a place I have been a volunteer at for nearly 5 years - and I am seriously wondering if being a manager in their organization is just not going to happen, as I don't fit their idea of a manager somehow. The shop I applied for is a big one, the bookshop in Islington, and I can imagine they would want someone with tons of experience. But I applied for a much smaller shop and wasn't accepted for that either (though I did get an interview)...I must think about this carefully, as my book knowledge (which by now is extensive) is not something I want to just throw aside. But if Oxfam don't want me, who will?

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