April 29th, 2009


Poll: America, the US, the States, USA...?

 Just a random difference I (an American) noticed while living in London -- Londoners seemed to call my country 'the States'.  Everyone I worked closely with (all born & bred Londoners, plus one from Surrey) referred to it as 'the States'.  Then I heard some Sheffield-area English people call it 'America'.  I don't recall what any Scots I ran across called it, probably the States as well.  One Welsh man I met (very nice to walk me to my destination when I was lost) referred to it as 'the States'.  When I jumped across the way to Ireland, they all (north to south) referred to it as 'America' (and in such a pleasant way, as if they liked it a whole lot).  Most Canadians I've met say 'the States'.  I'm not sure about our southern neighbors.  

So here is my question to you:  Where are you from (specifically, what part of your country) and what do you call that big country placed between Canada and Mexico?

I am from Colorado, and maybe it is just a western state thing, but I've always called it 'the U.S.'  
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Does anyone know where I can find this candy in London?  I've done a search online and have not had any leads.  I'm pretty sure Cyber Candy in Convent Garden does not carry them.