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Brits Americans

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Britain Meets America
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Welcome to Britain Meets America! This is a community that pretty much anyone can join; its purpose to compare and contrast the British and the American cultures. We just have moderated membership to prevent trolling.

Thinking of moving to the UK? STOP. READ THIS FIRST. (If you don't, it's going to be completely obvious to the rest of us and will result in the deletion of your post).

And then please take a look at the rules (We don't mean to be off-putting, really!):

I. Community Rules

1. You are expected to read and be familiar with the Rules (this document)

Violating any of these rules will result in post deletion, warnings and/or bans, at the moderators' discretion.

2. The following items are prohibited:

a. Spam, scams or advertisements for communities/websites not directly relating to or of interest to this community.

The moderators reserve the right to decide what qualifies as 'spam' - this includes (but is not limited to) :

- Posts that seem to serve no purpose or do not relate to this community.

- Creating a lot of similar or identical posts in quick succession.

b. 'Trolling' or posting 'Flamebait' (posts and comments designed purely to cause trouble)

Please note that this does not extend to 'disagreeing with others' or 'heated debate', both of which are perfectly permissible (more on this later)

3. Posts must be 'on topic'

Anything relating to Britain, America and/or this community is on-topic.

Yes, this means that there isn't a lot that you can't post here - that's deliberate. This community has always been very informal & open, and that's the way we like it! Any posts that are gratuitously off-topic will be deleted.

In addition, please try to stay on-topic within individual threads. This doesn't mean you aren't allowed to go off on tangents (in fact, we encourage it), but posting "I like cheese!" to a thread about immigration would be irrelevant and pointless.

4. This community is not Google™

So please don't use us as such. If you have a simple question, research it yourself before coming here - Google and Wikipedia are incredibly useful tools & will probably get you your answer a lot quicker than waiting for a reply here.

Remember to check the FAQ & any relevant community tags before posting your question
- if your question is redundant your post will be deleted.

There are several people in this community with obscure and specialised knowledge, and there are many more of us willing to discuss minor points of British and/or American culture - so if you have a more involved question, or you want an in-depth answer (or multiple opinions), then by all means ask.

Don't use the community to answer questions which you could answer for yourself with a little effort; We're not your mum.

5. Anything not 'work-safe' must be placed under a cut

This honestly shouldn't come up very often, but as many of our users view the community from the workplace (lucky devils!), with their children, or otherwise just don't want to see/read certain things, it's only fair to use an LJ-cut to hide anything questionable.

If you are not sure whether your post is work-safe or not, use a cut anyway!

II. Community Etiquette

These items are not law, but rather suggestions. Failure to abide by proper etiquette won’t get you banned, but it won’t make you many friends, either... especially not among the moderators. Trust me: it’s better to have us on your side.

1. Read a few posts before posting anything.

Get to know how the community works and you'll find it a lot easier to fit in - taking the time to have read these rules is a great start, take a little more time to have a look around!

2. Pointing out Spelling/Grammar errors isn’t necessary.

The best way to improve the overall presentation of the forums is not to post in every poorly written thread complaining about it. Instead, practice what you preach: try to write reasoned, well-thought out, well-written posts. It is also worth bearing in mind that British English and American English often differ quite significantly as far as spelling & grammar are concerned - we're divided by a common language, after all.

At the same time, it's always worth making an effort with your own spelling and grammar, or people may have difficulty understanding what you have to say.

3. Length of time in the community, amount of participation or any other means of measurement does not absolve you of responsibility.

We actually expect long-serving members to set more of an example to the new folk.

4. You are not a moderator.

So there's no need to post in someone's post saying "This will be closed soon!" or "Why did you write this?" or demanding that the moderators close the topic or ban the member. In fact, this is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get on the moderators' bad sides. There's nothing more unpleasant than having someone else tell you how to do your job.

If someone is being exceedingly disruptive, feel free to bring it to a moderator's attention privately.

5. You do not have the right to insult/attack/etc someone for ANY reason.

If you disagree with someone, attack the argument, not the person. Debates will get heated, you will disagree with other members on any number of issues - that's great; it's part of what stimulates this community & keeps discussion going (how boring would it be if we all agreed?). Personal (ad hominem) attacks and insults are never necessary, however, and are therefore frowned upon. Being 'provoked' is no excuse, either - we can all act like adults here.

6. Try to keep the ALLCAPS to a minimum

It's just plain ugly and makes it look like you're shouting - ALLCAPS : just say no.

7. Use tags when making a post

This helps community organisation immensely; a list of permissible tags can be found here, as well as in the sidebar on the main page. If you think of a new category (usually because you can't fit your post into an existing one), mention this in your post & we may be able to add it.

8. Place large images and polls under a cut

This applies to single big images or lots of small ones; many of our users are on low-speed internet connections. Similarly anything that would requires scrolling at 1024x768 resolution (horizontal or vertical) should be placed beneath a cut, as this makes the community a lot easier to read for most users.

9. Tell us where you're from

Although many users have this information in their userinfo, it's a lot easier for all concerned if you specify where 'here' is (the same applies to 'there', obviously)

10. Posts/comments encouraging visa fraud will be deleted.

Many individuals use this commmunity to find out information about immigration requirements. We want to ensure people are getting the right (and legal!) information! However, we do suggest you check out UKVisas or USCIS FIRST to get information straight from the government's mouth. Please don't rely on us for the final word on anything related to immigration policy--we are just People On the Internet here, after all. :)

11. Please do not delete comments.

If you feel that a comment that has been made to you was out of line, please take it up with one of the mods. When comments are deleted, mods can't see them, and thus it's hard for us to work with you to handle the situation in a way that's best for both you and the community--without an accurate record of the conversation in the community we don't have any "evidence" to work with. More importantly, this community exists to foster discussion and the exchange of information, and deleting comments goes directly against the spirit of that.

III. The Moderators

The moderators are charged with enforcing the rules & keeping the community organised. They are (in no particular order) :
dativesingular - almariel[at]gmail[dot]com
unimag - private message

If you have any problems or isssues involving the community, please contact one of us privately (via personal journal or contact information)

Disclaimer: Please remember that any information and opinions relating to legislation posted by members of this community should be researched and verified with the appropriate authorities (we don't necessarily know what we're talking about!)

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